Unreleased tracks by calibre


Unreleased tracks by calibre

Incredible dnb getting me through today




After a nice week visiting my girlfriend at her, very traditional sicilian, parents. I’m home, which for me is Yorkshire, After all of the expected hello’s with the parents and the inevitable play fight with the dog, I sat down to apply for internships. This gave me a massive question; “What do I want to do with my life?” I know everyone says they have this, but i’ve had a really appiphany. I have been thinking about some form of science writing, but not the high brow highly factual science writing. I want to write about the truth, the real issues which affect all of us, and not write some piece of opinionated fictional shit published in most of the papers and tabloids.

Not coming from a well off or well educated family I used to mainly believe whatever was on the news and taught a school, which of course really isn’t the truth its just what people want you to think when you are at that “rebellious” age. Since coming to university, not trying to sound too snobbish, I feel I am a lot more cultured and really know after doing my own reading and research have opinions based on facts and scientific evidence whether it be on drugs laws or the education system these two things both being highly flawed and in no way beneficial to society in their current state, if they were changed they’d be far more effective… but i’ll leave that for now. For now i’m going to finish watching the football and re-think my life! 

“How long will …


“How long will this last, this delicious feeling of being alive, of having penetrated the veil which hides beauty and the wonders of celestial vistas? It doesn’t matter, as there can be nothing but gratitude for even a glimpse of what exists for those who can become open to it.”
― Alexander Shulgin, Pihkal: A Chemical Love Story

First week of this…


This week had been a particularly long week for me my 40hrs of lectures labs and seminars have definitely taken their tole on me. One day that stood out for me, purely for the reason it seemed to last so long, was tuesday. The previous day I had an 8hr analytical chemistry lab session and i’d spent the monday night and tuesday morning completing the lab report. In the tuesday afternoon I had my least favorite, and most people’s least favorite, lecturer. This man, couldn’t be described any more aptly than saying he was the “typical chemist.” A man slight in stature, wore an outfit of all beige (I assume only to reflect his equally beige personality) there is something so dreadfully boring about a man who speaks with such great exuberance when referring to  X-ray Powder Diffraction… 

From what I have learnt so far about university lectures is that there is an easy way to be liked, and this to provide full lecture notes to everybody. This will immediately put you into every students “good books” however if you do not provide lecture notes then every student will hate you. Then there is the type of lecturer who only provided lecture notes to those dyslexic students, which annoys most in the first place, but there is a difference between distributing them to those students in the lecture and privately. There is a special place in hell reserved for those lecturers that give these notes out in front of everyone else however luckily for me I receive these notes and being a good person I share them on our fb pages from everyone to have.

For me this my last week of term before easter or “spring break” as americans call it, a saying that annoys me especially with the weather like it is. “Spring break” isn’t a term usually heard by us brits at university unless we have the pleasure of knowing and american student. I do know an ‘american’ student (using the term very loosely indeed) she is one of my housemates girlfriend and i can’t say its a pleasure to know her… She is the single worst human being I have ever met, the way she treats my friend is appalling, shes one of those people that will do anything to get her own way even if it means leading on a guy to the extent she does. She has probably done everything that has ever been on the “Scumbag Stacy” meme. My housemates and I don’t exactly make it a secret we don’t like her and yet she still proceeds to come over to our house even when her “bf” isn’t in and wander around in just a t-shirt and thong this being a house with 3 other guys in. Oh! and their sex… being in a student house the walls and ceiling are not very thick and everyone can hear everything. This usually isnt a problem as everyone but them is conscious of other people being in the house and show a little respect to other peoples ears however, these two don’t. Me and my other house mates have heard them on countless occasions and it’s not a typical noise… The only way I could describe it would be a cross between the noise of a cat and a horse being dragged along a road at 60mph which is bad enough if it was a normal english or american accent but hers isn’t. It sounds like the american accent you and your friends try when you are 13 trying to be ‘cool.’ I’ll let you think on that for a while, I think I have complained enough….

Tonight is the night which me and my friends believe is the reason our university wins best student experience pretty much every year. Its an even held mostly at the union, which may not sound too incredible however a company come in and kit it out with funktion-one’s and big strobe lights. Tonight Dj EZ, Friction and My Nu Leng are there along with others… This night has to be described as the most incredible student experience and has given me the best night of my life. For you that have never heard of “funktion-one” they are a company that product the best performance sound systems there are and if you don’t know the dj’s I mentioned… where have you been living the past god knows how long? The best part is that is that it doesn’t just attract students from my university I’ve met people they’re that have travelled hundreds of miles to come. 

Now onto more reading Sasha Shulgin’s book and doing pre-lab work! 

Happy Days…


First Post



I’m starting a blog to write about about general daily occurrences many students such as myself come across and some that are slightly out of the ordinary. I’m not offering advice, merely opinions (some controversial). Some things you should know about me, I’m a chemistry student at a highly ranking british university which on the surface doesn’t really sound too enthralling. You are probably thinking I’m some other standard university blogger fitting the stereotype of usually a fairly pretentious quite wealthy macbook owner who loves photography, foreign cuisine and “underground” music. Although some of these descriptions may be fitting I do infact own a macbook and enjoy the occasional Tobiko Nigiri, I can assure you this blog will not be the same old “oooo I’m going to visit my friends in chelsea” type that is immediately brought to mind when, from a working class northerner’s perspective, you think about what a ‘blog’ consists of. It’s going to follow my “anything goes” rule and hopefully from the off you will realise I’m not your typical “Chemistry” student.