First Post



I’m starting a blog to write about about general daily occurrences many students such as myself come across and some that are slightly out of the ordinary. I’m not offering advice, merely opinions (some controversial). Some things you should know about me, I’m a chemistry student at a highly ranking british university which on the surface doesn’t really sound too enthralling. You are probably thinking I’m some other standard university blogger fitting the stereotype of usually a fairly pretentious quite wealthy macbook owner who loves photography, foreign cuisine and “underground” music. Although some of these descriptions may be fitting I do infact own a macbook and enjoy the occasional Tobiko Nigiri, I can assure you this blog will not be the same old “oooo I’m going to visit my friends in chelsea” type that is immediately brought to mind when, from a working class northerner’s perspective, you think about what a ‘blog’ consists of. It’s going to follow my “anything goes” rule and hopefully from the off you will realise I’m not your typical “Chemistry” student.


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